Download गरीबी से इतिहास रचने तक का सफर (Michael Jordan) Motivational Video By Dr. Vivek

Throughout my early childhood, those exact words were preached to me, out of the mouths of my teachers and parents-You can be whatever you want to be, as long as you put your mind to it. Strong words, but the one thing that was never emphasized, and the main reason why it took me so long into my life to realize it…is how? It encapsulates everything that is good about not shying away from adversity, nor just tolerating it, but genuinely learning to love adverse situations because they can bring out the best (but perhaps more often the worst) in a person and makes success that much more satisfying.

Do what you do out of love... when we are young we play for the true enjoyment.. as we get older extrinsic factors ramp up.. Examples of extrinsic factors include - Money, Fame, Apporval.. ect... The more you can tap into intrinsic motivation - the more success and enjoyment you can have out of the game and life itself.

He lost 300 gams, and 26 times been trusted to take a game winning shot, but missed. Of course MJ's primary source of motivation is Intrinsic motivation his love for the game” but clearly his competitive drive” reflects an extrinsic motive that is very well integrated in the self.

Hope you found value in this blog and what the legendary basketball player has to say about success. Michael Jordan = intrinsic motivation. Summary : Michael jordan nos dice por que tiene exito, a traves del fracaso. In the scene where Bugs Bunny sees that his team mates are under performing due to a lack of charisma, he creates ‘Michael Jordan's Secret Stuff'.

You've got weak parts and you've got strong parts, that you've got to be able to flip the switch and know when the ruthless, competitive, that killer instinct is going to come out. I'm not going to set that limitation, I am going to start counting when it hurts.

Because I'm trying to get to all the NFL, I'm not about to miss this opportunity. Jordan was also coached by Phil Jackson , possibly greatest coach in NBA history. It's not about wanting to establish himself as the NBA's greatest player. Michael Jordan really knows how to motivate.

When you start to take action on a consistent basis—actually put in the work to become better dressed—you will eventually get there. Try this for a week…spend 10 minutes to consciously think about what you're going to wear for the next day, instead of haphazardly piecing together an outfit the morning of.

However, along the way, it's normal to lose sight of our goals and our desire to achieve success. A powerful why”, mixed with consistent daily habits and the proper use of love, desire, pain and ego, can work wonders. He's got a why! Michael Jordan Inspirational Biography story and video, Michael Jordan Inspirational Biography story and video in Hindi.

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